Exercise A Plant Tissues

  1. In this cxcrcisc, the students look at a mixture of both fresh and prepared slides. Students will need some pracricc in making thin sections. Encourage them to try several sections. It is sometimes helpful to have the students make a number of sections, float them in a bowl of w ater, and then select the thinnest one to mount on a microscope slide.
  2. Toluidine blue and phloroglucinol-HCl arc the two stains used in this excrcisc. The directions for preparing toluidine blue arc given in the previous section, (sec Laboratory Topic 2, F.xercisc A, Notes to Instructors.) Phloroglucinol-HCl is prepared by dissolving 1.0 g of phloroglucinol in 100 ml of water. Mix 1:1 with concentrated HC1. This reagent colors with age and probably should be pre pared fresh about every month or 6 weeks. Store in brown bottles.

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