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Here's what you'll discover in Anthurium Care Made Simple eBook: The Two Deadly Watering Mistakes. What is the ideal species of anthurium for you. How To Keep The Deadly Anthurium Blight Away. Where is the best place to buy anthuriums. What To Do If Your Anthurium's Leaves Are Turning Yellow. How to propagate your anthurium. How To Prevent Root Rot. How much light should you give your anthurium plant. What To Do If Your Anthurium Refuses To Flower. What is the best temperature range for your anthurium plant. How To Prevent Fungal Attack. When and how often to fertilize your anthurium plant. Read more...

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Leaf Morphology in Monocotyledons


In the Marantaceae the junction between petiole and lamina is a swollen pulvinus or geniculum, which turns the lamina into a favorable position to light. A pulvinus is also found in some Zingiberaceae and Araceae. Curiously enough, in Anthurium oerstedianum and some other Araceae, the pulvinus has its position on the petiole halfway between its base and the lamina.

Zoophilic Pollination a Visual Attraction

Spp., Neomarica) produce nectar in perigonal gland fields, the gland fields being unicellular hairs. This type seems to be unique in monocots. There are also androecial nectaries (some Hydrocharitaceae and Alismataceae Colchica-ceae, Hemerocallidaceae, Hanguanaceae, and Cyclanthaceae), and rarely nectaries seated on the back of carpels (Paepalanthusi Aponogetona-ceae ). Finally, in some Araceae the stigma (Arum, spp. of Anthurium) or staminodes (Spathicarpa) exude nectar. All these glands are of the epithelial type.

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